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LAWRENCE LIGHT is an award-winning journalist and author of the acclaimed Karen Glick series of thrillers set on Wall Street.



A note from Larry

Winter 2013

Welcome to my site.

I was honored to serve for three years as Executive Vice President of the Mystery Writers of America. It's my great pleasure turn the reins over to the amazing Dan Hale who will serve with this year's President, the Charlayne Harris.

The MWA project I feel proudest of was establishing MWA University and we have taken it to cities and communities all over the country. I know that Dan and the Education Committee will continue this great work.

Professionally, it has been exciting, as well. I am the Editor in Chief of an important new financial website, AdviceIQ (www.adviceIQ.com).

My business book Taming the Beast is selling well domestically and around the world. Learn how various market strategies were developed and in what market conditions they flourish. You, too, can invest wisely and Tame the Beast.


You can order Taming the Beast now.







Thriller2 I have a short story in the exciting anthology, Thriller 2 from Mira Books, edited by Clive Cussler.





LADYKILLER from Oceanview Publishing, a dark thriller that I wrote with my wife, Meredith Anthony, has gotten voer 30 great reviews!

"LADYKILLER is a dark tale with an unsettling ending. On a one-to-ten darkenss scale, this thriller rates a high nine."
-- Mystery Scene

“Light and Anthony have put together a fast moving thriller that keeps the suspense building right to the end.” 
-- Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

“The husband-and-wife team that wrote this thriller has constructed a tale that is eerie, with a twist at the end that blows the mind.” 
-- Theodore Feit, DorothyL 

“Ladykiller is superbly crafted with vivid detail that draws you into the story.  An astounding 5 stars!”
--  Terry South for Bookpleasures

LADYKILLER was chosen one of the 10 best of 2008 by the Editor of The Strand Mystery Magazine. It was nominated for a Book of the Year Award by ForeWord Magazine.


Check out my mini-site for the Karen Glick series.

And please let me hear from you.

Best wishes,


February 2013